Employee Spotlight, Steve Arnold, PE
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Our Team - Arnold, Steve



Steve Arnold, PE

Vice President of Engineering

Chicago, IL Office




Tell me about your role as VP of Engineering.

As VP of Engineering, I’m in charge of overseeing CNG fueling project planning and design phases for projects nationwide and also in Canada.  I’ve been involved with more than 50 CNG projects over the past 12 months in my current position.  I’ve also had heavy involvement with Natural Gas Vehicle Maintenance Garage Code Compliance.  ET has been developing large scale code compliance guidelines and strategies to efficiently convert existing facilities.  Outside of the CNG industry, I’m involved in several large solid waste and recycling facilities.


What’s your favorite part about working at ET?

The people.  We’re fortunate to have a group of top notch professionals who are dedicated to delivering excellent projects.  It’s a collaborative environment and we all work really well together as a team.


What is one of the most challenging aspects of your job?

One of our specialties is delivering national programs to national clients.  We are currently delivering buildings and fueling facilities on a national basis while providing value and consistency to our clients.  It’s challenging because we typically have numerous projects across the country at various stages of development at the same time.  Each project is unique and the programs are continually evolving to provide greater value and efficiencies.


What is most challenging about CNG projects?

Since the CNG industry is still in the process of developing and continually evolving, education is a key part of successful project delivery.


What is most challenging about renovation projects?

Renovations can be challenging but also provide the best opportunity for innovative solutions.  The conversion of an existing garage for NGV compliant maintenance is a good example of this.  We work to thoroughly understand the existing systems and make the best use of them to reduce waste and costs.





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