Founded in 1993, the ET project portfolio was rooted in environmental projects including environmental remediation, decontamination, abatement, and decommissioning.  The company rapidly expanded its environmental reach to encompass facilities and assignments such as solid waste transfer and processing, materials recovery and recycling, biogas upgrading, various forms of waste to energy generation, industrial wastewater and water treatment, leachate treatment, and organics processing.  The commitment to its environmental client partners remains central to ET’s core markets.

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ET has designed and built process-oriented facilities for nearly three decades.  In addition to water/wastewater facilities and other environmental-related scopes embedded in the projects, ET also provides design and construction solutions for extremely complex piping systems, processing facilities, industrial campuses, logistics, and distribution centers.  The manufacturing and food/beverage industries involve these types of processing systems and the coordination between the building and the production and packaging equipment becomes a key component of the design and construction of the plants.  ET has a team of experts that help with logistics analyses as well as the design and construction of facilities that function efficiently and are easily maintained.

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ET established its Energy Division in 2004 with the design and construction of alternative fueling facilities.  Since then, ET has expanded into the oil and gas sector, small distributed power generation facilities, alternative and renewable energy markets.  ET is equipped to help build the country’s energy infrastructure for the next century.  We provide design-build services for clients ranging from oil and gas midstream projects, petrochemical and downstream facilities, transportation, terminals, storage, and fueling.  Our experience also includes carbon favored energies such as CNG, LNG, RNG, wind, solar, and hydrogen.  ET solves logistical challenges for alternative energy via virtual pipelines, gas grid interconnections, and electrical grid interconnections, as well as multi-modal conventional transport.

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Design and construction of transportation facilities has been a core skill of ET since inception.  Our experience covers all areas of fleet management including dispatch, vehicle maintenance, general aviation and hangar facilities, rail unloading, and terminal operations.  Our planning abilities yield efficient maintenance configurations, manpower and vehicle flow, and logistical movement for the operational improvement of our clients’ conveyance of goods and services nationwide.

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