Nashville North Rivergate Transfer and Material Recovery Facility

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville North Rivergate Transfer & Material Recovery Facility, Nashville, TN

ET provided design, planning, permitting and construction services for the improvements to an existing materials recycling, transfer, maintenance and truck wash facility. The project included a site expansion to allow for parking of 26 collection vehicles, floor replacement inside the building to allow recycling and transfer operations, installation of new concrete pushwalls, replacement of all building siding, new LED lighting, conversion of a portion of the building to a CNG-compliant 3-bay maintenance facility and construction of a new free standing wash bay.

Phase I included construction of a pushwall, filling of abandoned conveyor pits, LED lighting and electrical upgrades to allow the relocation of a recycling line from another facility.

Phase II included grading, drainage, landscaping of the expanded parking area, construction of a new freestanding truck wash bay, replacement of all PEMB siding on the front and sides of the building, construction of pushwalls, construction of a new loadout bay, LED lighting upgrades, installation of motorized coiling doors and construction of a 3-bay CNG compliant maintenance facility.