St. Croix Aluminum Refinery

U.S. Virgin Islands


Project Manager for the remediation and demolition of a decommissioned aluminum refinery. The project consisted of preparation of bid documents and work scopes for each unit of the refinery to be demolished. ET handled the bidding, contractor selection and managed the demolition of the plant. The project lasted 16 months and resulted in the generation of approximately 27,000 MT of scrap steel as well as the recycling of copper and stainless steel. The scrap steel was loaded on three separate ships and delivered to recycling facilities in Greece. Because of the scrap value the project was done at no cost to the project Owner. A portion of the demolition site was reused to locate two 500,000-gallon molasses tanks associated with a new run distillery construction on another portion of the site.Design/build services for a 200-truck solid waste collection facility, including an operations center, vehicle maintenance facility, and interior administrative and training space tenant improvements.