States Give Grants to Companies Switching to Natural Gas
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Converting any business to using a new type of fuel may seem difficult and expensive, especially if it relies primarily on vehicles to conduct business. The difficulty and affordability of converting a business to utilizing natural gas in many states is finally beginning to change. With the need for greener business practices growing, and the practice itself improving and becoming more efficient, government grants are allowing vehicle-based businesses to make a much simpler transition from petroleum to natural gas. In Texas alone, for instance, the state gave its businesses $52.9 Million in grant money over the course of three separate grants. This investment improved the states economic status, and brought in over 927 full-time jobs, with the number projected to exceed 3,000 over the next three years. The companies that benefitted from Texas’ grant were not only large businesses in the state, but gave small and medium-sized companies an opportunity to move their business to vehicles that operate with natural gas engines.

Some states are even beginning to offer tax breaks to both businesses and individuals who switch to using natural gas, such as Southern California’s new Natural Gas Incentives. Southern California offered a .50¢ credit for every gallon of natural gas used, though this incentive only lasted until late 2013.

Many states are now seeing the benefit of their businesses converting to natural gas usage, and are offering their own grants and incentives to both large and small companies to convert their vehicles to natural gas.  The benefits of these programs are overwhelmingly positive both for the states and the companies themselves.

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Natural Gas Grants

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