Mitch GradySenior Vice President, Safety & Risk Management

Mitch has nearly 30 years of experience in construction management and currently serves as ET’s Senior Vice President of Risk Management. Prior to joining ET Environmental in 1998, Mitch worked for some of the nation’s leading builders and developers, and has managed projects in excess of $100 million. He has extensive experience in design/build project management, contract management, risk mitigation, and corporate compliance. Mitch holds a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from the University of Nebraska, and has been a resident of Denver, Colorado, since 1995.

My industry area of expertise:
Solid waste and industrial design/build projects

Most challenging project:
Managing multiple design phases of an organic waste processing facility over he last 10 years. This project is built on top of a closed landfill in Northern California.

Advice for new college graduates:
Find work that you enjoy doing and most days work won’t feel like a job.

Steve ArnoldHumberto Lopez, EVP, ET Environmental