Top Cities Switching to CNG Fueling Facilities

Are you considering adding CNG fueling facilities to your business or municipality? There are a long list of benefits that go along with this switch, and it is catching on around the world. If you are still learning about compressed natural gas (CNG) and its benefits for vehicles, take a look at what other cities and major industries are doing.

Winning extra GREEN points
Is your city or company looking to become more environmentally friendly? By and large, one of the best ways to do this is by using recycled goods to replace ones that tax the environment. The magic behind CNG is that it often comes from an environmental pollutant: landfills. The liquid that flows out of the bottom of a landfill was once removed at the taxpayers’ expense in years past. Now, this leachate fluid is collected and natural gas is extracted from it. This natural gas is then processed to make energy-efficient fuel for vehicles.

Reducing overall budget
One of the advantages to CNG is that it is less expensive than diesel and gasoline. CNG vehicles and Class-8 trucks are built ready for this type of fuel. Generally speaking, the fuel cost is about 60-percent less than traditional diesel. Other savings include reduced maintenance costs since engines are less affected by CNG than diesel or gasoline.

Making life easier in polluted cities
In cities, your large business or municipality can negatively affect pollution due to the sheer size of your vehicle fleet. Thankfully, CNG can reduce pollution in two significant ways. First of all, the emission rates compared to diesel are 90 percent less with CNG. Secondly, noise pollution is reduced with CNG by producing a quieter engine than ones powered by diesel.

Making your community CNG friendly
Do you want to see more CNG cars on the road? In addition to providing CNG for your city or company vehicles, opening up the facilities to the public will help your company champion this fuel of the future. Knowing that they will have easy access to CNG fuel will encourage local consumers to buy CNG cars, and this will encourage their loyalty to your brand or civic leaders.

Ready for CNG fuel and facilities?
Are you ready to make the switch from diesel and gas to CNG? If you have any questions about this fuel or need more details, give us a call. We are happy to help all of our present and future clients feel assured that they will completely understand what to expect. To get started, contact us and we will get you the information and services that will help you, your municipality, or business succeed.

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